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Year 9 Drama


Year 9 Drama and Performance


This course is designed to develop the skills you learnt last year or, alternatively, give you an introduction to Drama and Performance. The course may utilise aspects of movement from the dance curriculum when building devised work. It will help to further develop your self - confidence, creativity, communication skills and ability to work sensitively with others. It is important to work together as a team in supporting each other as you gain further practical knowledge in the subject. You also need to be prepared to take risks with your own actions and feelings from time to time.  Drama and performance is about exploring possibilities from within and outside of yourself, therefore, it is essential to respect each other at all times.  Most important of all is having fun as you explore the wonderful world of dramatic possibilities.

The one term course will be divided into 2 main work focuses.  You will be working with the four strands of the Arts Curriculum listed below. You will be assessed on three of these for reporting.

Developing Practical Knowledge in Drama: Select and use techniques, conventions, and relevant technologies for specific drama purposes.

Developing Ideas in Drama: Select and refine ideas to develop drama for specific purposes.

Communication and Interpreting in Drama: Present and respond to drama and describe how drama combines elements, techniques, conventions, and technologies to create structure and meaning in their own and others’ work.

Understanding Drama in Context: Investigate the characteristics, purposes, and function of drama in a range of contexts.


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    • The first two weeks of the course will be spent building class and ensemble relationships as well as positive ways of working.

    • We will do this by using skill based games and activities with a large emphasis on FUN. The most important thing in Drama is attitude. If you give everything a good go you may be surprised what you achieve.  Making mistakes is encouraged as it means you are really trying. Often the best work happens by accident!

    • Unit One

    • Using Body and Movement

    • After initial cooperative exercises, improvisation exercises and the re-establishment culture required to work well in class you will move onto your first work that will involve working as a team.  

    • We will look at drama elements and techniques most specifically body and movement.  You will then move into developing a short movement based performance.

    • The strands being assessed are: Developing Ideas in Drama, Communicating and Interpreting in Drama

    • TIME: - approx 4 weeks

    • Unit Two

    • Devising Drama

    • We will be looking at improvisation, voice, basic stagecraft and drama conventions and techniques.  

    • You will then create an original performance based on a provocation such as a picture, a story or some music.

    • You will use basic props and costume.  

    • The strands being assessed are: Communicating and Interpreting in Drama, Understanding Drama in Context, Practical Knowledge

    • TIME: approx. 4 weeks


This course will lead to the building of confidence and creativity and a desire to continue learning through and learning about Drama in the coming years.