Distance Learning

Correspondence School (Te Kura):

Students wishing to study a Correspondence School (Te Kura) course must seek approval from their Dean. There would need to be a very good reason for wanting to take the course and study habits would have a strong bearing on the ultimate decision. Students studying by correspondence need to have a strong aptitude for the subject and a proven ability to take responsibility for their own learning, as well as their own electronic device. Students should look online at www.TeKura.school.nz to see the subjects offered.

STAR funded courses:

There are some STAR (Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource) distance courses available for motivated senior students through tertiary providers. These may be taken if there is a direct link with your career pathway. Examples include Equine Studies through Telford, Pre-Health through SIT, Advanced Economics through Canterbury University. Talk to the Career Advisor, your Dean or Ms Watt.

NetNZ (eLearning):

Some subjects not available at Mount Aspiring College may be available through eLearning options. Students should discuss this option with their Dean. As with correspondence subjects, students studying by eLearning should have a strong aptitude for the subject and a proven ability to take responsibility for their own learning, as well as having their own device at school. They should also be aware that the e-classes take place on the hour and will probably take students out of one or more of their normal timetabled classes. 
Subjects such as Psychology and Philosophy (Level 2 and 3) will be offered. Psychology is now an Achievement Standard course at both levels as of 2018 and Philosophy will be Unit Standard assessed. Neither courses are university approved subjects.
NetNZ Tutors are also available for eTutorials in Scholarship courses.