Geography 2

What will I learn?
This course introduces you to a range of environmental and cultural issues, ranging from the local to the global.  There are three main modules: urban patterns, crime patterns in Chicago and natural landscapes, the South Island high country.

How will I learn?
- Differences in development

–Natural Landscapes of the South Island

You will collect and process data from a range of resources including Arc online, land use surveys, statistics, videos and simulation games.

What should I have done already?
Geography at Level 1 is an advantage, but not a prerequisite for this course.

Where does this subject lead?
This subject leads to Level 3 Geography and beyond.  It is also important in vocational areas such as town planning, geographic information systems (GIS), market research, environmental protection, agriculture, tourism, banking, local government, statistics, management, meteorology, teaching, and almost any job requiring research and communication skills.

How is the course assessed?
Level 2 Achievement Standards:  22 credits
8 credits assessed externally
14 credits assessed internally

End of course qualification
Contributes to NCEA Level 2

Indicative costs
Field Trips:  Mt Cook $110 (this is an indication and may change)
Purchase of Geography workbooks, approximate cost $30, is strongly recommended.


Title Credit Value Internal / External UE Literacy R/W


Demonstrate geographic understanding of  large natural environment4 EX RW


Demonstrate geographic understanding of an urban pattern.3 IN N


Demonstrate geographic understanding of differences in development.4 EX RW


Apply geographic concepts and skills to demonstrate understanding of a given environment.5 IN N


Explain aspects of a geographic topic at a global scale.3 IN N


Apply spatial analysis, with guidance, to solve a geographic problem.

3 IN N