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Checking Teacher Attendance

From the main page click on the 'teachers' button

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Then the 'Details' button and then click 'attendance' (note you will need to have clicked on the 'Details' button first)

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Once you have clicked on the 'attendance' page you will be taken to the screen below...if you have any classes you haven't clicked 'finished' for they will show up as pink. If this is the case you simply click on the pink class and finish.

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First you need to select 'Teachers' from the main page in KAMAR, then select 'Attendance' (note there is no need to click on the 'details' button as is required above)

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Once you have done this you will be taken to a screen like the one below, where you select 'student attendance and effort (week)'

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From here you need to select the students you want to look at the data for...you will see a screen like the one below....this is where you can select your whanau, or particular year group, or option class....

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Once you select your students you will be taken to a screen like the one below..you can toggle between weeks and remember that the numbers shown here are averages for each subject each week.

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