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Enter Fortnightly Grades

We have refined the entry process and also looked at adapting the explanatory notes so they are more in line with our SOAR values. We now have only one descriptor “Attitude” and a score out of 5 is given by teachers.

Open up KAMAR and you will see the page below, from here you need to click onto the class as though you are entering attendance (In this case "L3ECO" to the left of the "Markbook" Button)

This will take you to the corresponding attendance entry screen shown below…you will obviously complete your attendance for the class and then now look to enter the fortnightly grade score in the "Attitude" Column at the far right.

You could choose to enter a grade as many times as you wish across the fortnightly period (you may decide to put a grade in each time you complete attendance, or you may only choose to do it once) the system will average class entries across the fortnight.

The report template that is produced each fortnight now looks like this, note that it also mentions percentage attendance for each class.