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Extracting Junior Academic Data

You need to decide whether you want tabulated data or graphical data...the following helpsheet will help you gain the graphical data..please see me if you want the tabulated version.

Firstly you will need to select the correct year so click on the ‘2015’ shown below

Then you need to select the class and click on “Entry”

You now select the assessment you want to view the graph for...to do this you need to click on the ‘A’ and select the assessment. If you have more than one class you may wish to view all the data for a particular assessment so click on the ‘people’ icon below and select ‘Show all students’.  

Once you have completed the tasks above you then need to click on the ‘Graph’ button (next to the ‘people’ button….

You should end up with a page looking something like this...NB you need to highlight the ‘Distribution’, the ‘Ethnic Comparison’, ‘Gender Comparison’ on the print dialogue box. Then hit the ‘PDF’ button instead of the ‘Print’ button.

Once you have PDF’d the assessments you want you will need to convert them to a jpeg file before you insert them into your Curriculum report….you can do this here http://pdf2jpg.net