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Printing Reports for Proof-Reading & Student Tab

  1. Printing report comments for proof-reading:

  1. Classroom teachers:

Go to markbook, select class, report comments and attitudes, print and finally, report comments

  1. Whanau teachers/deans:

Whanau: Go to markbook, check reports, print, tutor, print etc

Deans: Go to markbook, check reports, select year level, print, dean (and/or tutor).

  1. Student section

  1. Details tab. Select a student

The student's NSN is found on the left of the page, underneath the student search list.

The section under the NSN is the portal. The logon is the student logon. If you click on R, it will reveal their password.

To see Parents, click on PCO (primary care giver) and SCO passwords.

  1. Timetable Tab. – select student. Use blue Print tab and finished. You can use the + and – buttons to look forward or backwards at timetables if there is an option rotation. If you use the message tab, it will send a message to all of the teachers of the student selected.

  2. Health – gives details on general (health), learning (SAC’s, special needs etc) and guidance

  3. Academic – if we select, for example a senior student (Holly Bailey), we can see their NCEA results (only up to 2013)

Clicking on results will give other results eg PAT, AsTTle etc.

Groups will show you which groups a student has been included in.

For junior students, you can see their years’ attainment

If you double click on a student (e.g. Blake Alty), select view reports (blue tabs), you can see his individual subject reports.

  1. Attendance – you can see Stats across the whole year – this highlights classes that a student may be wagging or if there is a trend in them missing the same period each week. You can print this information, pdf it and email to parents.

  2. Pastoral – To make a pastoral entry, select students, pastoral, entry, create new pastoral record, then classroom tab.  (perhaps you could suggest more labels in the classroom dropdown????)

Double click then include all the specific details at bottom of box.

You can click the publish to parents box for minor offences – leave this to the dean if it’s a more serious offence. Equally you could send a letter home at this stage.

You can notify the student’s other teachers by clicking on the Notify TT button on the left of the form.

If you wish to delete an entry, you need to use the delete tab (green at top). You must give reasons for deleting the entry and click on the delete key again.