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Teacher's Tab

Focus: Teachers

  1. Attendance (Tab on RHS) – remind staff that an ‘x’ on timetable means attendance not completed (must click “Finished”).

  2. Details (Tab on LHS)

Note: Can zoom in/out using +/- key (bottom left)

    1. Details tab - your personal details

    2. Timetable tab – can print class lists by clicking on a class, click on print – and choose from the “preview” box the format of the list you require. Click finished to return to previous screen options

    1. Class Lists – another way to access printing options, including Whanau.

Class Lists with tick boxes require access through another avenue as detailed below:

  • If you want to print a list for a group that is not one of your classes or your Whanau class – e.g. to print a year group list, or to print a list using tick boxes – go to Printing tab, select “Student Lists”, and again, “Student Lists” at the top of the box, and “print”. For a Year 12 list, under the “common” tab, complete the two boxes with 12 and 12, then hit “Find”.

  • Click on “Printing-Student Lists-Student Lists Grid and or Comment Boxes”

  • Click “Finished” to get out

  1. Timetable tab – any classes which are highlighted in pink are not completed. Click on them to complete (remember to push “Finished”).

  1. Events Planner tab on RHS – gives you a year planner.

  • Relief - Click on any class on the LHS and you can complete your relief. If you want to leave a photo roll, you will need to leave this with any physical resources for reliever.

  • Below this screen is a year planner. You can use this to prepare relief for extended periods of time. You cannot type beyond the space provided in the box (heed the warning at the top of the page).

  • Bookings – on the RHS of the Events planner screen. Click on the period to be booked and select category (presently choices are Classroom, Geography, Technology, Vehicles but this will change over the next year) – lets try vehicles – line will go pink. Click again and choose which vehicle you wish to book.  Click “new” and Ok. The booking will appear. If you wish to book for an extended period on any day, “shift click” and drag down page.

  • To delete a booking – click on the = to the left of the booking.

  1. Creating an email to a group – select Printing tab then“external links” tab on RHS.

Top tab– “send text/email message” (but we can only email)

Option subject or class or individual etc.

e.g. L2 Mat  - Option, write in subject (e.g. L2Mat) then hit Find (this will find all L2 Mat students


L2 Mat  - Option, write in subject (e.g. L2Mat) then hit + Common 13

(this will select year 13 students doing L2 Maths).

Residence gives parents.

Send email message tab will send a check email to your school email address before it is sent to those on the list, for checking.

  1. Looking for a free teacher/classroom?

Go to printing, then teacher lists, then free classrooms or teachers for the period(s) required.