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Top of Class Calculations

Use this help sheet to calculate the top of class student for PG’s etc

First step is to go to your Markbook, then subject and click ‘Entry’

This will most likely take you to a screen like this, where you select ‘Summary’ It may look different to this if you have not cancelled the reminders of students that are new or have left your class (if so you still select ‘Summary’

After selecting ‘Summary’ click on ‘New’ (Under "Specify Summary Name") and a dialogue box will show up as shown below..you can call the new summary anything you like (I have used ‘Top of Class Calculation’).

You must then select a specific summary template here (called top of class).  Then click ‘Create’

After you click ‘create’ you will get another dialogue box…you need to select ‘Set A and Set B’ only.

Then select ‘Internal standards and Markbook/Subject’ and click 'K'

You should now find that the Markbook updates and provides you with the following numbers in the first column, as seen below.

The highest number is the student that has achieved the highest…there may be some cases where there are two students with the highest number…you will need to use your judgement in these situations. If you need any further help please pop in and see Dean or any of the KAMAR team.