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Review Student Academic Results (Previous Years)

Use this helpsheet if you wish to look at your previous year student’s NCEA results or if you are checking prerequisites etc.

From Main menu, click on ‘students’

Then ‘details’

Then ensure that you have clicked on the ‘E’ to show pre-enrolled students, found to the left of the Student Search Filter.

So you now see all the students (pre-enrolled students will now show up, they will be highlighted)

Now you enter the class you wish to look at as I have below (in this case, "L3ECO"). Once you have done this you click on the ‘Academic’ (middle top of the screen) then ‘Subfield’ (above the actual grades).

Once here you will be able to see what each of the selected students results were for the previous year by simply clicking on their names from the list on the left.