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Writing Whanau/Dean Comments

Here's a handy Video:

Whanau & Deans Comments

Use this help sheet for checking your Whanau students reports and writing Whanau/Dean report comments.  

Firstly you will need to get to this screen…’Main Menu’--‘Markbook’.

Select the ‘Check Reports’ button to be taken to the screen below:

While holding down the ‘shift’ key, click the ‘View Report’ button at the top right of one of the students details.

This will take you to a PDF report where you will be able to see the student’s progress and teacher comments. Click on ‘Continue’ to get back to the Markbook where you then write your Whanau teacher comment in the bottom left entry box. Dean's comments go in the top right entry box.

Hopefully this will help when writing comments about your whanau students progress.  If you have any questions about this please see Dean.

Writing your comments

  • Whanau teachers

    • Comments for Year 7-10 students are addressed to parents

    • Comments for Year 11-13 students are addressed to the student

    • Comment on how they are progressing towards their goals (refer to their reflections that they did during week 8)

    • Comment about how they interact with others during whanau

  • Deans

    • Comment on specific areas for development, academic progress and/or offer congrats if deserved.