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Below is a list of the subjects on offer at MAC.

When making your choices, it's important to know what credits they'll offer you. We've created a tool to help, and it can be found in the Student Portal!

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Year 11:

Choose three subjects to go with Maths, English and Science. (Add a back up choice)

Science is a key subject area for future study at school, trades and tertiary institutions. But in some circumstances Science may not be an appropriate study pathway, for example where it restricts other option choices for a chosen career pathway. If you feel you fall into this category, then you may be excused from L1 Science in consultation with your parents, dean and the HOLA of Science.

COYEP is a work based learning programme available to students who are looking to transition out of school at the end of Year 11.

Year 12:

You must choose 6 subjects. (add 2 alternative choices)

English and Mathematics are recommended subjects. Students can choose not to take one or either of these subjects if it can be shown that this is not detrimental to their future pathway. This decision must be made in consultation with your parents, senior dean and the Head of Mathematics or English.

The Level 2 English course contains UE literacy credits for reading and writing and before dropping it, you should ensure that you can obtain UE literacy credits through other Level 2 or 3 subjects if you believe you will be attending a tertiary level institution in the future.

Year 13:

All subjects are optional. Your subject choices are based on your preferred career pathway. At MAC all students should have the opportunity to access success in both NCEA Level 2 and 3 and University Entrance. However the system is flexible to cater for individual needs.

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