EET - NCEA Performing Arts Film and Live Performance Technologies


NCEA Performing Arts Film and Live Performance Technologies


This is a new course on offer to allow students who are interested in all areas of film and performing arts technologies to develop practical skills and work backstage on film and performance projects in the Drama and Music performing Arts Programmes. It is open to anyone in Year 11 to 13. It will include Level 1-3 Unit Standards from the Event and Entertainment Technology Domain. All standards can be achieved at A, M or E level and therefore compliment achievement standard courses. Depending on individual students other appropriate standards from other domains might be drawn on.


You will learn a broad understanding of how the design process works behind the scenes for any film, event or performance and dip into all areas. This includes:

    • Set and Prop Construction

    • Stage management

    • Assistant management and marketing of work

    • Lighting - Rigging and Designing

    • Sound - Rigging and Designing

    • Costume - Designing and making

    • Makeup - Design and application

    • Shooting productions with camera video

    • Screen projections for live performances

  • extend your confidence, collaboration and problem-solving skills through creative pedagogies

  • develop your own creativity and ideas through performing arts technologies

  • foster communication and interpretation skills and practices

  • promote the exploration of personal and shared values and perspectives

  • examine models of established practice and universally recognised practitioners in theatre

Your course will be designed by you but will need to cover a minimum of THREE technical areas to make up enough credits. HOWEVER, those wishing to cover only 2 areas we can combine your work with MEDIA STANDARDS for FILM PROJECTS and technology standards from the technology domain to allow you to really focus on the skills of making that you are doing in props/set, costume and makeup. Students can discuss this at the start of the year with their teacher when they are making their individual choices up. You may be assessed in a range of level 1-3 standards if you wish. The assessment programme will wrap around the drama and performing arts curricular and co-urricular projects and act to acknowledge this naturally occuring work as the basis for evidence gathering and assessment. This may also include students working in the live stage, wearable art or film project for SHOWQUEST. Education outside the classroom will be potentially a big part of this course as students can pitch to work on projects in the community to support their learning. This will be looked at on a case by case basis.


Experience in a Drama or Music course will be helpful but this course is open to anyone who enjoys the challenge of practical work and is willing to really learn about this very exciting area. Proven skills in sewing, building or makeup will also be an advantage. You should have an interest in design elements and associated processes involved within the programme. Those who enjoy and want to pursue fashion and design and makeup artistry can also get a lot out of this course.

As this is a new course students must come and discuss with the HOLA Emily McRae to ensure it will be appropriate for them.


The brand new standards available for use from 2022 have a lot more on offer and students could select from a range that suit. These can be found here: 2022 Standards


You can gain the following grades in the Unit Standards:

Not Achieved N Did not meet the required Standard.

Achieved A The Standard was met.

Merit M The Standard was met demonstrating very good work.

Excellence E The Standard was met demonstrating excellent work.


All reassessments are composed of an entirely different assessment task.


Work submitted late for the internal assessment Standards will not be marked. You may have the opportunity to gain the credits through reassessment, if available.

If you have a genuine reason why you are unable to submit work by the due date, then you are able to apply for an extension. However, this should occur prior to the due date, not after it. Absence from school due to sickness is not normally regarded as an acceptable reason for the non-submission of assessed work. Alternative arrangements, electronic or otherwise should be made in this event.


Knowledge gained here can lead to direct industry work, tertiary study in any of the specific domains including practical acting and performance courses such as Toi Whakaari Stage and Screen degree. It can also support students looking to work in fashion and makeup industries.


To be confirmed but contributions to the cost of materials may need to be charged depending on each individual product