L1GEO Geography Level 1

This course introduces you to the interactions between the processes of the Natural and Cultural environment, as well as building understanding of the sustainable use of an environment. Using examples from the local, national and global environments.

The main modules are:

  • Understand earthquakes and the impact of natural and cultural environments. This will include a field trip to Christchurch to study the impact of the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes.

  • Describe the global patterns of Chocolate Production.

  • Researching a location for an airport in the Upper Clutha area and use GIS to produce maps and visualisations for location.

  • Understand geographic skills.

You will find that Level 1 Geography builds your understanding of our world. It challenges you to take an active interest in the environment that surrounds you while travelling, working or involved in recreational activities.

Where does this subject lead?

This subject leads to Level 2 Geography. It also assists students to take an active interest in the environment that surrounds them while working, travelling or taking their leisure. Geography is also valuable for careers such as tourism, resource planning, conservation, agriculture, local government, statistics, surveying and environmental studies.

How is the course assessed?

Level 1 Achievement Standards: 18 credits

8 credits assessed externally

10 credits assessed internally


For All indicative course costs please see the Course Costs Page.




Standards that are assessed in the Level 1 Geography course contribute towards the Level One National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). Three of the achievement standards for the Level 1 Geography Course are internal assessments and the other Two are external assessments.

There will be no further assessment opportunities available.

The externally assessed standards will be undertaken during the 2020 national examination period.

Throughout the year formative assessment of Geographic skills will take place. Practice examination in Week 8 & 9 of Term 3 are used to inform learning for external exams.

The results from these practice assessments will count towards any compassionate consideration where “Derived Grades” are required and "top of the class" calculation. See the NCEA Student Handbook for more details.