Level 1Geography

(in 2023 we will be piloting the new NCEA Level 1 Geography standards)

What will I learn?

  • The patterns and natural processes that have created the taiao (environment) of Aotearoa, Te Wai Pounamu and Wanaka. This will include a field trip to the West Coast and in our local environment.

  • Gather field data from our local awa and examine the significance of awa to communities. This will include fieldwork at Bullock Creek and Cardrona river.

  • The role of power and perspectives in decision-making across these environments

  • Where do people live and why do they live there? What issues are arising from population growth? What inequalities exist as populations are concentrated?

How will I learn?

Through field trips, listening to speakers, researching, creating posters and presentations, and class discussions.

What do I need to have to take this course?

An interest in the environment that you live in and how that is changing. Plus an inquisitive mind to discover where things happen in the world.

Where does this subject lead?

This subject leads to Level 2 Geography. Geography is also valuable for careers such as tourism, resource planning, conservation, agriculture, local government, statistics, surveying and environmental studies.

How is the course assessed?

Assessment is through a variety of methods written and oral. There are two internal assessments and two external assessments.


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The internal achievement standards will be assessed after the appropriate topics have been taught. There will be no reassessment opportunity for these standards. You will only be given the opportunity to improve on your efforts if you get small things wrong that you can be fixed with no further teaching or learning occurring (resubmission) that will bring your grade from a Not Achieved to Achieved. Because there is no reassessment, if you do not submit the assessment on the due date you have failed the standards.

The externally assessed achievement standards will be formatively assessed using tests and exams during the year. The results from these assessments will count towards class placings and any derived grade applications if you are unable to sit final examinations.

It is vital that you read and understand the rules relating to NCEA in the section on NZQA Information.