History Level 1

What will I learn?

  • Causes and consequences of World War 2 and discover that Adolf Hitler wasn’t totally to blame.

  • The reasons for a terrorist attack in Auckland harbour and how we caught them;

  • How and why many of the African nations refused to attend sporting events with New Zealand sportspeople.

  • To see an issue from more than one point of view

  • How to argue using reasoning not just opinion

  • How to spot fake news

How will I learn?

Through role play, film, cartoon interpretation, posters, essays and documents. You will argue and debate and learn that there is usually more than one explanation.

What do I need to have to take this course?

An open mind and a desire to know more.

How is this course assessed?

It uses a variety of methods and is open to both written and oral presentation.

Where does this subject lead?

Any subject requiring critical thinking, the ability to find out for yourself, tools to examine reliability and any subject requiring literacy, including levels 2 and 3 History.


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