History Level 2

What will I learn?

That people act from a sense of what is right and necessary; but that changes depending on belief and circumstance.

We will study two topics from this list:

    • The Nazi state

    • The conquest of the Aztecs

    • The Vietnam Wars

    • The resurgence of China

    • A topic in New Zealand history

How will I learn?

Having fun arguing with each other. Look at causes and consequences of key events. Investigate historical situations. Undertake field trips. Read. Think. Dispute. Write.

What should I have done already?

Have good reading habits. Have an interest in the world and its problems. Be able to form an argument backed by evidence and explain that in writing.

Where does this subject lead?

Level 3 History and then the world as an inquiring, interested, responsible citizen – as a journalist, lawyer, researcher, and so much more!

How is the course assessed?

Level 2 Achievement Standards: 23 credits

14 credits assessed internally

9 credits assessed externally

End of course qualification

Towards NCEA Level 2 History



DUE DATES: Work must be submitted on the due date and time set by the teacher for internal assessments.

RESITS: Resits in this course will be offered on the three internal standards provided the student made a substantial effort to complete the first attempt by the due date. Resits are to be done on a new topic outside of normal teaching times.

PLAGIARISM: Plagiarism is claiming others ideas as their own. Paraphrasing others ideas is plagiarism as much as copying their text. Proper citation of others ideas is important. Plagiarism will be referred to the principals nominee.

Other matters please refer to the NCEA handbook.


For All indicative course costs please see the Course Costs Page.